2015 Nebraska State Fair Preview

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The Nebraska State Fair is right around the corner, but this year it is a week later than usual, running from August 28th through September 7th.

The fair was originally a way for farmers and ranchers to get together and show off their prized livestock as well as talk about the latest fads in agriculture. Those features are still offered today, along with several other new exciting events and exhibits native to to Nebraska.

"A wall has been constructed outside, that is in the shape of the state of Nebraska, and within those walls we are planting crops that you would typically see in the state of Nebraska in their specific zones," said Joseph McDermott, Executive Director.

Severe thunderstorms put a damper on the fair last year, and with 14,000 people expected to be in attendance for the Keith Urban concert, extra precautions are being taken to keep those at the fair safe.

"We have just entered into a partnership with the National Weather Service and also with the Emergency Management in Hall County to watch the weather even more closely," said Shaun Schleif, Marketing and Sponsorship Director.

The Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge will also be featured and Hastings College will take on Bellevue University for the first volleyball match ever hosted at the State fair.

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