3 Cars Stolen From Dealership in Grand Island

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After being closed over the weekend for the holidays Jerry Rapp, an employee at Bridge Street Auto, came into work on Sunday to check up on the place.
That's when he noticed the dealership was burglarized.
"We pull the keys every night and lock all the cars and evidently they found the keys and they took the whole ring so we've got 42 vehicles with no keys." Said Jerry Rapp.
Rapp says someone managed to go through the bathroom window over the weekend and steal the keys,
"It had to be a very small guy to crawl through that window but they did get in there."
With the stolen keys the thieves have access to all the cars in the lot.
The dealership was broken into either late Saturday or early Sunday.
The suspects stole a 2001 Ford Taurus and a 2001 Dodge Ram.
Both vehicles have been located and didn't have any damage.
The Ford Taurus was found on 7th and market street,
And the Dodge Ram was found at the Roadway Inn on south locust.
Police are still searching for a 1997 GMC truck that was stolen either late Sunday or early Monday morning.
The dealership says their cars are insured however the missing keys is what's posing a bigger problem.
"The keys are very important because they're computer chipped keys and they're very expensive to make in most cases," says Rapp.
And without any keys they say it will have an impact on business.
"This is the end of the month and we always like to have a good month and this is going to kind of slow us down, we just don't have much we can show right now because we don't have keys."
The suspects also stole an Ipad from the front desk. The case is currently being investigated my GIPD.