Adopt a Duck for Derby to Benefit Local Leaders

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- A group in Central Nebraska is helping its community grow by teaching employers how to be better leaders.

But they need your help do the work and all you need to do is adopt a rubber duck.

"We have these ducks, and you adopt one, and then they race, and then somebody's going to win $5,000 and a bunch of other prizes. We have 17 prizes overall so there's a lot of opportunities to win and support a great cause," said Jack Sheard, the Hall County Leadership Tomorrow Program Committee Chair, about the annual Duck Derby.

For a community to grow, businesses have to thrive. But a successful business frequently must rely on strong leaders.

Leadership Tomorrow offers 9 monthly classes to teach workers how to properly take charge.

"Understanding diversity or understanding how to be in a tough situation," Sheard said. "Things that an all around leader should be able to handle. We like to say that it's a personal leadership, it's for employment's leadership, and it's for the community's leadership."

Sheard knows all about the program. He's a graduate of Leadership Tomorrow and still uses the lessons he learned.

He said, "I found where there was needs in the community that I could lend my talents and my passions and since then I've worked on those things, I've seen some of those thing succeed and I'm ready to work on more things that I'm passionate about, and a lot of that, I got that training from Leadership Tomorrow."

Leadership Tomorrow will hold it's 30th class starting this Fall. There are already 32 people selected for the 9 month training.

But the program can't survive on it's own. It needs financial help from fundraisers, like the widely popular Duck Derby, already in it's 13th year.

"The tuition for a business to send an employee or for someone to go through is about $800 to $1,000," said Sheard. "Half of that gets cut by programs like this."

Right now people can adopt a duck for $5.00 and it will compete on August 15.

That day, 17 people will win awards, with a $5,000 cash prize.

But there's something else for the person who adopts the duck randomly selected by the business that makes the rubber toys.

"If that duck that they chose ends up being one of those first 17 ducks that wins a prize, they're also going to win the Jeep Wrangler," Sheard said. "We've never done that before, it's that bonus win that you can have just by buying that same duck."

If you want to adopt a duck, click the link to the Derby's website. Hurry though, there's a limited number of ducks and they're onl available through August 7.