Chefs Put their Skills to the Test in This Year's "Serving up Hope"

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It's a battle of culinary proportions in Grand Island.
Four chefs showed off their cooking skills for Hope Harbor's biggest fundraiser of the year "Serving up Hope."
Aaron Ross the executive director of Hope Harbor says he excited for how things turned out this year, "I've sampled a couple appetizers they're out standing so I'm just looking forward to the whole event and of course what it's going to go towards."
This year's key ingredient is chili peppers.
Preparing for a cook off can be a little tricky some chefs used old family recipes while others had to come up with something completely new.
Lezly Bandasack a chef with vientiane says, "I had to try out multiple recipes. I wanted to do something that was going to be easy then something that would be really hard to present."
Some chefs used this opportunity to try something new.
Trenton Tophoj the manager of Carnivores meat supply says, "We were three weeks along with it just kind of tweaking some things bouncing ideas off of each other. We enjoyed what we came up with that's for sure."
This competition is all about having fun and supporting Hope Harbor.
"We really came out with the intent just to make people happy with food, that's what we're about at our store," says Trenton.
Before the event even started.. hope harbor raised over $8,000.
The proceeds go towards funding their programs throughout 20-15
"We're just glad we're able to help out hope harbor we do so on a consistent basis and that's simply because they do great work in the community for the women and children that are in need," Says Trenton.