Controversial Facebook Post Stirs Child Care Community

Kearney, Neb. -- A Facebook post caused a stir in Kearney Friday, as the page "Confessions: Kearney, NE" found themselves in damage control.

An anonymous post from a page visitor claimed they were an employee at a Kearney Daycare Facility.

The post went on to say they call one of the four-year-old's in the daycare "Zombie" because the child has Down Syndrome. The poster then re-affirmed that they were making fun of the child.

JoAnn Fryman, Child Care Director for Positive Steps in Bellevue, says she wasn't going to sit idly by. She called the Kearney Police Chief, Child Care Licensing, the Nebraska Child Abuse Prevention Center and several Down Syndrome associations throughout the state.

And her efforts quickly led to a retraction from the poster.

"I found out after work, about 6 p.m. that it had been recanted and said it was just a joke, which I'm not buying," Fryman said. "I think that somebody was afraid because of all the places that had been contacted. I wasn't the only one to call the police or child protective services. There were several calls."

Fryman did tell NBC Nebraska she is going to continue her efforts in trying to prevent something like this from happening again.