Artist Heidi Merrill Highlights Nebraska Roots in Song

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HASTINGS, Neb-- This one tune may get you fired up and singing the entire Husker football season. A Hastings native is making a name for herself with her song that highlights the Cornhusker state. It’s called Cornhusker Strong. Vocal artist Heidi Merrill is embodying the strength she says she found right here in the midst of heartland.

After traveling outside the boarders of Nebraska… she says the inspiration for this song was sparked by her childhood and it has been a way for her to stay grounded in roots found in the cornfields.

Merrill said, “sticking to your roots even in a big city it can get crazy, cut throat and hard to make it out there but you can always come home and be welcomed back from where you come from.”

She also says she wants other girls to know to not give up on their dreams and always keep home in your heart.

Music Video Director, Peter Roessler said he was inspired by the song. “I think it was a great idea to come back to Nebraska to shoot to write this whole album about home and where you are from it is really important to Heidi and she has made it important to me.”

“I was just thinking of all those childhood memories and what it means to come from Nebraska and what it means to come from you know the heartland and the Midwest and really just you know get your hands dirty and work in the fields,” said Merrill.

Heidi will be in Lincoln this weekend. If you want to check her out she will be performing at Barry’s Rooftop tonight and the Embassy Suites Rock the Dock tomorrow in the afternoon.