Department of Education Trying a New System for Schools

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KEARNEY, Neb -- The Nebraska Department of Education is changing the way they measure and improvement schools' performance levels. At Administrators' day in Kearney on Wednesday, the state education commissioner unveiled the details of the new system called AQUESTT - Accountability for a Quality Education System , Today and Tomorrow.

The new performance system, which goes into effect this fall, classifies schools across the state from levels one to four, from excellent to needs improvement.

"Out of the needs improvement category we have to identify three schools that we'd provide some level of intervention and that was required by law. That intervention and the priority designation as a whole is really about us identifying places that are in most need of assistance to improve, " said commissioner Matt Blomstedt.

At least three schools out of the needs improvement category will then have a team dedicated to improving students' performance until they move up.

Schools will target six tenets that include assessment, college and career ready and educational opportunities. The new system will also focus on building a relationship with parents and helping make the transition into college smoother for graduating high seniors.
Kearney Public Schools interim principal Virginia Moon says her school district is on board with the new system.

"The mission is to make sure we meet every child everyday, that we prepare our students for the future and it tells the story that we are looking at every student's progress everyday and how to make it better," said Moon.

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