GIPD issuing parking notices for snowbound vehicles

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) -- Starting Thursday, Grand Island Police Officers and Community Service Officers will start looking for vehicles plowed in or snowbound on the residential streets and in the city owned public/free parking lots.
A “72-hour parking notice” will be placed on those vehicles as a reminder for owners to move the vehicles to areas of the street or parking lot that have already been plowed.
This is only a reminder/notice and we are asking for help from the citizen’s for compliance in moving their vehicles.
On Monday Feb. 8th, officers will start ticketing and towing those vehicles that are still snowbound /plowed in on the streets and public/free parking lots of Grand Island which will be in violation of City Code #22-99.
During these snow events, we are asking residents of Grand Island to move their vehicles to an area of the roadway/parking lot that has already been plowed and not to park back in the same unplowed area. This would benefit the street department if they needed to plow again.