Heineman's Point of View on Death Penalty Repeal

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The former Governor of Nebraska was a big advocate of the death penalty during his term. Wednesday, he was in Adams County for a local field day and spoke with NBC Nebraska about how he feels with senators voting to get rid of it all together.

"It's important for Nebraska to have a death penalty, for the most heinous of crimes. We just had the most recent situation in Omaha, the shooting in Norfolk and a variety of communities across the state," said Heineman.

He believes the death penalty is appropriate for those crimes and hopes things get fixed in the legislature.

"Hopefully, I know the Governor is going to veto that and I hope the legislature will sustain that veto," said Heineman.

Some people believe those guilty of these crimes should serve their time in jail. Heineman doesn't agree. He said, "My opinion is that's more costly to keep them in prison for a longer period of time. But it goes back to what's the appropriate punishment for the crime that was commited, and I think most Nebraskans feel the death penalty is appropriate."

Another hot topic going on in Nebraska is what's happened in Tecumseh, but Heineman didn't want to comment.

"I just don't know all the details of what's occurred in Tecumseh. I try and be very careful on these issues. Governor Ricketts is the current Governor, he's got a new corrections director, they're going to address it and I think we've got to give them time to do that," said Heineman.

Heineman added we only have one governor at a time and he's very respectful of that. He wants to let Governor Ricketts and the state legislature do their job.