Hope Harbor Helps Mother of Three in Need.

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After an argument last fall, Michelle Warner's husband kicked her out of the home.
Michelle had no where to go and three kids to care for.
"I went from being at home, to being with my husband, to being just me and my three children," says Michelle Warner.
Michelle was married for 22 years.
Suddenly, she was in desperate need of a place to live and more importantly a place to restart her life.
"Coming to Hope Harbor was the best thing to ever happen to my family," says Michelle.
Hope Harbor has helped not only her, but her kids as well.
"Not only am I learning to be on my own but my kids are learning to be on their own to which is very very important because I don't ever want this to have to happen to them."
Since her time at Hope Harbor she and her oldest daughter have become resident leaders and help around the office.
"It has given us a little bit more responsibility being here and shows my children good examples," Says Michelle.
When Michelle heard that Hope Harbor would be expanding their operations, she said she's grateful that families like hers will no longer have to wait, "There's people in the office daily coming in wanted assistance to have a place to sleep at night and this is wonderful because by expanding they will be able to add so much more."
With a new building and 32 more beds Hope Harbor will be able to help more families like Michelle's.
"If it wasn't for them I don't know where we would be right now."