New Bill Would Encourage 65/35 Split of Child Custody

Cecelia Klingele and her husband have a busy household with eight beautiful children, but the process of having them was a difficult one.
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LINCOLN, NE Sen. Laura Ebke (Crete) introduced a bill that would encourage judges to more fairly divide custody between separated parents. LB-437 asks that judges split custody by at least 65/35, unless there are circumstances in a case that warrant less visitation.

Ebke says it's important for kids to have both parents in their lives.
"Parents and kids alike, you know, thrive off of each other. The things that a young lady or a young man get from their parents are different. Moms and dads are different creatures and so it's good for them to have exposure to both."

She added that the bill would also benefit extended family members.
"If you've got one parent getting significantly less time with their kids, it also means that their grandparents may be getting less time with their kids. I've had several grandmothers call me and say hey, my son only gets one weekend a month with his kids which means that I never see my granddaughters."

The bill would amend the current Parenting Act. It would apply in cases where parents can't mutually agree on a custody plan. In instances where both parents agree, Ebke says the bill encourages judges to honor their wishes.