Oversold Vouchers Put Class Field Trip in Jeopardy

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- Oversold airline vouchers are effecting more than just spring vacations. Now some Grand Island students might not be able to go on their class field trip.

There's been hundreds of complaints and hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake for people all over Nebraska who have bought vouchers from an Omaha-based company called Creative Creations. For some it means a ruined vacation, but for 8th graders at Cedar Hollow and Chapman schools a bunch of oversold vouchers means much more.

It's supposed to be simple. Students raise money and go on a field trip, but for 8th graders At cedar hollow school, there's a major problem. Parents at Cedar Hollow say the $44,000 class trip is now in jeopardy because the Omaha-based company oversold airline vouchers.

"At the end of the day they took our money, we thought in good faith, and they're not delivering with just a set of very expensive airline tickets to get these kids on this educational trip," said parent Jamie Mues Jankovitz.

Now Jamie Mues Jankovitz and other parents are left looking for answers. 'My daughter says, 'Well, what's that mean mom? What's that mean?' She doesn't quite understand all of it and we try to be reassuring and say we'll do everything we can," said Mues Jankovitz.

The Better Business Bureau has received 900 complaints from people with similar experiences to the parents at Cedar Hollow, and the company says that refunds won't be forthcoming.

"No one will answer the phone or answer an email. Here in Grand Island, our hands are tied," said trip coordinator Carolyn Lees. Mues Jankovitz added, "I really question the integrity of what's happened here. I don't think it's just a bad thing that happened to that company."

Steve Lefler, the senior attorney representing Creative Creations, says there weren't any bad intentions. The company just got in over its head.

"We're sorry that people got hurt. We're sorry that peoples' dreams got crushed. We wish we could make it right, but we can't," said Lefler.

The Attorney General and Douglas County Attorney are now conducting an investigation, but for the parents and students at Cedar Hollow, they're just trying to find a solution before May.

"We're just parents trying to fix it for them and fix it for our families who even need some of us to help them help their own kids too."

Parents have set up a Go Fund Me page to try and save the trip. On Tuesday alone, the page had raised over $1,000. They'll need more than ten times that in order to make up for the lost tickets, which will now cost even more since they aren't being booked as far in advance. Parents will also be accepting donations via mail.

If you'd like to help Cedar Hollow & Chapman 8th graders, you can send donations to the address below or visit their Go Fund Me page:
Bradley, Elsbernd, Anderson, Kneale & Mues Jankovitz Law Firm
PO Box 639
Grand Island, NE 68802.
Go Fund Me Page: http://www.gofundme.com/qgz3fk

If you're worried about the vouchers you've purchased from Creative Creations:
File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, or
Contact the Nebraska Attorney General's office at 402-471-2683.