Plane Crash Kills 3 GI Residents: Friends and Family Remember Their Loved Ones

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- The investigation continues after Thursday's small plane crash in Ohio killed three Grand Island residents.

The plane took off from the Central Nebraska Regional Airport in Grand Island.

Friends and family are remembering those lives that were lost.

Dr Michael McCarty as a very giving man, recalls his sister, "He was somebody that can't be replaced and he's had a huge impact on some many people's lives, my children, his children, other peoples children and just people in general," says Kim Gangwish.

Dr. McCarty was the pilot of the small single-engine plane that crashed last Thursday in Paulding county, Ohio. Wayne Weiss was the co-pilot that day. His wife Rosalee Weiss was also on board. All three were killed.

Airport officials aren't sure what happened and say it will take several months until they are able to determine what exactly caused the crash. But family members say both Dr. McCarty and Wayne had a lot of experience.

"He had the confidence to fly that day because he was with the most experienced pilot he knew between the two of them if there was a way that they could have saved that plane they would have," says Kim Gangwish, Dr. Michael McCarty's sister

Coworkers are struggling with the sudden loss.

"For me personally, I lost a friend. We're all in a state of shock and miss him greatly," says Tim Klemme the Central Nebraska Orthopedics Clinic administrator.

"Everybody in the office is just trying to adjust to not having him here with us," says Candi Price, Dr McCarty's nurse.

Dr. McCarty left an impact on many. Kim says that Grand Island lost some great people that day.

"We all learned from him, we all grew from him, we all have strength from him today, and he changed all of our lives in so many ways and we'll miss him a lot."

Officials say the cause of the crash could take months to determine.