Restaurant Turns to Smart Phones When Checking ID's

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It's as easy as snapping a picture.
When looking for a more convenient way to check ID's the Grand Island restaurant El Toro came across an app that can do just that.
"Very fascinating tool for us to use in the restaurant," says Ricardo Castro a waiter at El Toro.
The app is called "The bar and club stats ID scanner"
and with it, it makes a busy day a lot less stressful for Castro.
"It make's it a lot easier for us to find out if the ID is real or not. It's just as simple as taking a picture and it tells you if it's real, and the age of the person."
The app is most beneficial when someone tries to get by with a fake ID
"if the ID for some reason is not good, it wont scan it," says Daniel Ariaes the El Toro general manager.
To go one step further it then saves that fake ID on an online data base
"For every bar who uses the same app, for some reason if somebody comes with a fake ID or underage ID and we scan it and sync it to the app, it will automatically appear on there," says Ariaes.
That way they can be alerted if someone already tried to use that fake ID before coming to their restaurant.
El Toro has been using this app for a few weeks and has been working with law enforcement to prevent selling to minors again.
"I try to work with my guys as much as I can to make sure that we follow the rules and everything and this is a pretty quick way to do it," says Ariaes.
El Toro along with eight other businesses in Hall County were fined last month for selling alcohol to minors.