UPDATE: Roseland Cleans Up After Tornado Rips Through Town

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ROSELAND, Neb. -- A preliminary report from the national weather service says the tornado that hit Roseland was an EF-1 tornado with wind speeds of 110 miles per hour.

With tornadoes sweeping through the plains destroying homes and ripping up trees Wednesday evening, Roseland, Nebraska is one of the communities starting the clean-up process.

It was a scary afternoon in the village of a little more than 200 residents after a reported tornado came through downing power lines in the streets and sending debris throughout the area, something members of this community said they were not used to.

"It's like what you see on TV, never thought I would see it in real life," said resident Cleo Mousel.

Mousel was at work when she watched the tornado form and begin tearing through town.

She said, "I saw 1 cloud and then I saw it dissipate, then I saw 2 clouds meet as one. We could hear the sound of a train, our ears started popping because of the air pressure and we went down to our locker room."

It was nerve wracking for everyone, but parents said it was much worse for children.

"For the kids, they were scared," said Chris Springer. "I can totally understand why they were scared. You're hearing sirens and hearing the wind, they don't know what's going on."

Combine not understanding everything, with how much damage this tornado did to the small town.

"Just a couple windows broken, stuff like that," said Shayne Evans. "That's easy stuff to fix compared to everybody else in town."

Adams County Emergency Management told NBC Nebraska three homes are destroyed and dozens more are damaged.

"We have 3 houses that were pretty much totally destroyed," said Adams County Emergency Manager Chip Volcek. "We have 10-12 houses that are anywhere from minor to major damages."

But most people should have been able to sleep in their own homes Wednesday night after all the work community members put in after the storm.

Evans said, "Me and my buddy ran outside right after it passed and we'd seen the neighbor's house garage gone so we ran over to her place, Marge Pars, and looked to make sure she was alright. We started going around looking at everybody else's house to make sure everybody else was alright."

The help was welcome. But officials don't want people not from the town to think they should come too, because police have closed off roadways into town to keep people safe.

"Right now we don't want nobody in that don't need to be here unless they're a direct family members to help families, other than our guys on the department," said Roseland Fire Chief Randy Klein.

Volcek said as of Wednesday afternoon he felt they had everything under control

He said, "We've been in contact with NEMA, the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, they've been in in contact with the Lt. Governor already just to keep [them] appraised of what's going on down here."

Now the community begins to rebuild. We are told, thankfully, there were no reported injuries this tornado, but law enforcement officials said people can be injured, so they're hoping that everyone remains safe during the cleanup process.