Southern Power District issues storm update

Snow in Poynette Photo Courtesy of Jim Stolz

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- Throughout the day, Southern Power District crews have faced tremendous challenges navigating on snow-impacted roads and in many cases, have found them to be completely impassable. We have been very fortunate that storm related damages and outages have been kept to a minimum, but the ongoing conditions have made the work for our linemen especially challenging.

Tuesday, with snow plows unable to operate in so many locations, line crews will not be out working overnight. We already know that the roads in most cases are closed and impossible to navigate, so we want to assure that our linemen are not put at risk of becoming stranded for their own safety, and also to assure that we are not adding to the difficulties in keeping roadways clear of stranded vehicles.

At this time we do not have any large areas that are without power, but we do have a handful of customers that have been without power today, and will likely remain without power overnight. There are not a large number of people that are currently expected to be without power, but the handful of people are generally located near Cairo, and a few others in the Holdrege region. We are unable to reach the services of these customers, again due to impassable roads.

Crews will resume restoration efforts that occur overnight early Wednesday morning, and Southern Power District will be working in close cooperation with local public works officials in order to navigate winter roads.

We encourage customers to remain in contact with us through the night, report your outages by phone at 888-484-2470 and we will be working hard overnight to formulate an efficient plan to restore power as soon as conditions improve.

Additionally, we urge the public to heed the warnings issued by local area management officials and avoid travel.

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