"Sylvia" Opening at Hastings Community Theatre

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A humorous and thought-provoking comedy currently showing on Broadway, “Sylvia,” by A.R. Gurney, opens Nov. 13 at Hastings Community Theatre. It stars local talent Margaret Marsh as Sylvia, a stray poodle mix who adopts Greg (Ed Jarmer) in a New York city park and follows him home where his wife Kate (Connie Sheehy) is not excited to have a dog in the house again. Veteran HCT actors Cheryl Aubery, Stephanie Kinney and Jesse Nielsen complete the cast.

Thanks to community partnerships, the production will be more dynamic. It's common to grab dinner before going to a show and a partnership with the Lochland Country Club will be offering a pre-show dinner or Sunday brunch.

The Heartland Pet Connection helped Marsh prepare for her role as Sylvia. Marsh also said since she has dogs of her own, she would watch them more closely and try new things in rehearsal.

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