The Nebraska Firefighters Museum Unveils New Sculpture

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The Nebraska firefighters museum unveiled a new sculpture Sunday.

The sculpture, "R Hero" is a 150 pound dalmatian and its one of 18 statues of its kind in the world. The statue was created by artists Karen and Tony Barone after 9-11 to honor all of our police officers, firefighters, ems and military. Most of these statues are in big cities like New York and Detroit, Kearney is the smallest city to receive one. Ali Abler says she thinks its especially important to honor all of our heroes who volunteer their time to help others.

"Sometimes these people go out and family doesn't know if they're gonna come back or not and they give up so much some of them have been doing it for 20, 30, 40, 50 years that's a long time to be a volunteer and never get paid for what they have done and all of the sacrifices they have given us," Ali Abler Director of the Nebraska Firefighters Museum.

On July 1st the museum will open up its new R Hero camp. Children will learn how to be a hero from firefighters, police officers and EMT's.