Wolf being trained as therapy dog

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - While school is in session across the state, it's just starting for a wolf from Jessamine County.

"She's a higher content wolf dog meaning that she has a lot more wolf than dog in her," Wolf Run Wildlife Sanctuary handler Kara Baird said. "That's some of the challenges we have with training Nayeli."

Nayeli is one of many wolf hybrids living at the non-profit Wolf Run Wildlife Sanctuary in Nicholasville.

Just over a year old, Nayeli is going to school at Sit Means Sit in Lexington to become a certified therapy dog. Once certified, Nayeli can work on television or movie sets and visit patients in a hospital.

Nayeli's handlers say she'll be in school for six months of private training and group lessons, but for a non-profit animal sanctuary like Wolf Run, Nayeli's training is expensive.

"They've given us a discount but still for a non-profit sanctuary it's a little expensive," Baird said. So we have a GoFundMe set up!"

Nayeli's training costs $995.

Any additional money donated will go right back to the sanctuary for food, vet bills, mowing costs and many other necessities at the sanctuary.