Woman Sentenced in Puppy Death

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It's a story garnering both local and national attention. Cynthia Anderson, the Florida woman accused of drowning a puppy is sentenced in Hall County Court Thursday morning.

The Central Nebraska Humane Society and the Animal Control officer who has been on this case since day one, say they are both very disappointed about the sentence, but they are glad this case is over.

For cruel neglect of animals, Anderson received 24 months of probation, five years without owning or living with animals, and paying $100 for restitution, which is a lot less than the nearly $5,000 asked for by the state.

Laurie Dethloff, the Executive Director of Central Nebraska Humane Society, said, "It's disappointing. I have to say that from the Central Nebraska Humane Society we're very proud of the work our Animal Control officers did."

On Jan. 23rd, Grand Island police say the 56-year-old drowned a newborn puppy in the Central Nebraska Regional Airport bathroom after she was denied access to board a plane.

She had four other dogs with her. Two adults and two puppies. Animal control officer Justin Guant was one of the first to respond and has been taking care of the two yorkies since then.

"Horrific. There was...I mean, you hear the term senseless, all the time when it comes to crime, well this was absolutely senseless. There were at least a dozen people in that airport who would have taken the dog. And we're a mile down the road," said Guant.

In court, Anderson read a statement saying "I am so very sorry, gravely sorry. I am scared to death and ill because of it." She begged Judge Teresa Luther for probation and she got it.

"What's the point? It's like anything else that's getting to be, in my opinion, there's a lack of accountability. And there's no deterrent for her or any body else to not continue on acting like that," said Brad Fried, an animal lover.

While animal lovers including fried, are upset, Guant said he's thrilled the two yorkies can move into their new homes and be treated with care.

"A new chapter begins for both us and Tank and Baby," said Guant.

In court, Anderson's attorney stated she has significant health issues, including a surgery coming up. Her probation will be transferred to her home-state Florida.