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For more information on KSNB Local4 or advertising rates and for rate card information, contact us by phone at 308-382-6100.

KSNB Local4 is a hard-working, dedicated station that has been committed to the central Nebraska community since 1956. We were the first to broadcast television in this market, the first to broadcast in color, and we are still here serving you.

The number of and KSNB Local4 users are growing rapidly, and there are several ways our platforms can help you expand your brand reach. Advertising with KSNB Local4 offers you the opportunity to reach KSNB-TV’s broad viewership in central Nebraska. For a wider range of exposure for your advertising dollar, offers companies the opportunity to reach not only a local and regional audience, but an international audience as well.

Online Advertising Opportunities Available: is growing stronger every day - with an average of 600,000 monthly visitors our online audience is regularly returning on a daily basis. * Online Commercial Spots * Banner and tile ads, all different sizes, in ad placements on the main page, news, weather, or sports, or site-wide * Weather Sponsorships Advertise with us and we’ll develop a creative advertising package for you that will work with your budget. Just call 308-382-6100.


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Washington, DC

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Josh Randall - Account Executive

Christen Winton - Local Sales Manager

Chaz Dunn - Account Executive

Danielle Skorniak - Account Executive