Learning safety tips during fire prevention week

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. - (KNEP) - It’s Fire Prevention Week and to show fire safety and prevention, the Lied Public Library held an event inviting families to a special book reading by the Scottsbluff Fire Department. The event gathered children as young as 2 years old, learning everything from fire-starters, fire safety and fire prevention. Deb Carlson, the director of the Lied Library hopes the event not only helps kids but encourages parents to practice fire safety at home and while out and about.

Children are taught everything from fire-starters, fire safety and fire prevention (Source KNEP)

,”The fire prevention story-time we do annually because I feel like it’s just so important that it might make a difference in a child’s life.” Deb Carlson spoke on the topic of why she believes using story-telling to teach children at younger ages, is crucial. As a passionate librarian, Carlson states, “Exposing literature to children at a younger age is critical. As far as fire prevention goes, I think they get a lot.”

Carlson invites the Scottsbluff Fire Department to the Lied Library on a yearly basis for fire prevention week and also a holds preschool-story-time session each Thursday morning at ten to ten-thirty and hopes to help children with their reading and social skills.

In closing, Parrish Abel, of the Scottsbluff Fire Department has tips on how to keep you and your family safe by following these simple steps ,” Make sure that you sleep with your bedroom doors closed, make sure you have a working smoke detector in your house. Check the batteries monthly; replace them when you change your clocks. Fire prevention isn't just a week-long thing it's everyday it's all year long.”