12-year-old hit by car returns home to continue his recovery

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. - (KNEP) - The mother of a 12-year-old who was hit by a car in September can’t thank the community enough for their support as he rejoins the area to continue his recovery.

J.P. and his mom are thankful of the community as they return to Scottsbluff after nearly two months in a Denver hospital (Source KNEP)

Sarah Walgreen looks back on September 19th and remembers the horrible and unbelievable accident. She wasn’t feeling well and had been home for a bit after work but got a call from J.P. that he was going to head to a friend’s house.

That was pretty normal, said Walgreen but wasn’t normal was the moment an officer came to her door to notify her and her other son that J.P. was hit by a car.

She and J.P spent nearly the last two months in Denver as he underwent treatment for significant injuries. Walgreen is proud of her other son who took on a huge responsibility within the family and stepped up to do things no other 16-year-old would do. She thanks the school and the community for also taking care of him and making sure he was okay while she was in the hospital with J.P.

The family had been in Scottsbluff one year to the day of the accident. Walgreen says its hard to feel like they have lost anything because everyone is holding them up. She believes Scottsbluff is a wonderful place with a great community. Walgreen stated she has made relationships with people she never would have met.

J.P has his ups and downs as he continues to recover and work on his physical therapy. His mom states his friends keep him pretty upbeat while goofing around. He is also able to see his dog Destiny who his mom says has energy similar to him.

A lover of MMA fights, he is battling his own fight and his mom calls him a warrior. He is grateful for his ‘angel’ who came by to help him after getting hit.

Right now, the two are grateful to be home and spend time with each other as a family. Walgreen stated they are going to enjoy life more. She urges everyone to be careful on the road, but for now she is grateful to have her sons.