2019 North Platte Area Sports Commission Tank Race

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - For the third straight year, teams of four people climbed into livestock water tanks to float down the Platte River for the North Platte Area Sports Commission's 2019 Tank Race.

The event started near the Buffalo Bill State Recreation Area and ended near Cody Park.

A couple of awards were given to teams. The team 'The Hot Mess Express' won first place for costume/theme, they decorated their tank to look like a locomotive, complete with a functioning smoke stack. The MVPs were 'The Water Buffaloes,' a team of ladies whose oldest member was 92 years old.

The top finisher in the race was 'Four Oars and an Orr' who finished the two mile trip in just under an hour.

"We weren't ready yet, he shot the gun and we had to catch up from behind. We tried to keep it in the deep current, I owe it to my team here, we paddled really hard.," said Paul, one of the members of the team.

The unofficial mascot for the winning team was Doc, the dog of one of the team's members. "He was moral support for sure," said John, Doc's owner, "He saw a loon along the way that he wanted to eat. He had a fun time that's for sure."

The North Platte Sports Commission is already planning to host another tanking race next spring.

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