4-H Youth Development Program has a new educator

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SCOTTS BLUFF COUNTY, Neb. - (KNEP) - The 4-H Youth Development program will have a new educator at the helm for the Panhandle Research and Extension Center.

Nathan Rice has been named as the 4-H youth development program educator. (Source: University of Nebraska Panhandle Extension Center)

Nathan Rice, who is a Morrill native, will serve the Scotts Bluff, Banner and Kimball county regions while providing support and leadership to the 4-H program.

He received a Master of Science degree in ag and biological systems engineering from University of Nebraska-Lincoln after completing a bachelors in biological systems engineering.

Before taking on the position, Rice was a temporary state program coordinator in 4-H youth development as well as a coordinating implementation and delivery of 4-H state programs STEMentors and InMoov.

Rice has always been involved in 4-H even as a child. He was active in livestock, photography, decorative arts and horticulture while a member of the Panhandle Livestock Club in Scotts Bluff County. His agricultural background includes working on ranches in Western Nebraska and maintaining close relationships with the ag sector.

He is hoping to help the new 4-H members with any kind of activity, whether it’s in livestock, photography or cooking projects. Rice is also excited to bolster the STEM activities in clubs and after-school settings such as robotics, game design and programming. He believes there may be an opportunity to bring in new tech activities such as aquaponics and nanotechnology as well.