A Facebook page to learn more about local restaurants

Community member creates Facebook page to showcase what local small restaurants have to offer (Source KNEP)
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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. - (KNEP) - Community member brings businesses together and offers avenue for others to grab a bite to eat.

Jeffrey Allen first got into volunteering and helping the community out with the Red Cross. While helping after the Minatare tornado disaster, Allen saw people coming out in droves to help out.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and the CDC’s recommendation to limit gatherings to ten or less people, many restaurants have felt the impact. In Scotts Bluff County, it has forced restaurants to only offer to-go options.

Allen sprang into action to help the local restaurants and has since created the ‘Gering & Scottsbluff Local Menus’ Facebook page. He details that you will find what local restaurants are offering with a very organized look.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive for the page, the restaurants and for Allen. He notes the views, post likes and share numbers have increased exponentially since creating the page last week. Businesses have been very supportive of it as well and are constantly reaching out to Allen thanking him for creating the page.

Allen also noted others have come to him stating they have never heard of some of these restaurants or that they are seeing menu items they would like to try. He adds its liberating and opening people’s minds to what is available.

Businesses are more than welcome to reach out to Allen to have something posted or they can post it themselves. Comments are not allowed on the posts at this time and Allen mentioned businesses are becoming more comfortable posting.

In a time of uncertainty Allen details this is the beauty of a small town community in which everyone bends over backwards to help each other out. He is also working with Scotts Bluff County Tourism Director Brenda Leisy to continue promoting this because tourism industry is such an integral part of this area.

The page will only promote and help local businesses and not any of the franchises in the area because they have their own marketing abilities. Allen adds that even after the coronavirus pandemic stops impacting the service industry he will keep the page up to offer restaurants a means to push what they are offering.