A bottle cap mural for the community by the community is on display

After two years, the bottle cap mural is now up in Alliance (Source KNEP)
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ALLIANCE, Neb. - (KNEP) - After two years and help from the community, a bottle cap mural is now on display in the heart of Alliance.

Keep Alliance Beautiful’s Jessica Hare and Carnegie Arts Center’s Kyren Conley spearheaded the project but state it wouldn’t have been done without the help of the community.

It all began when Hare found some bottle caps and thought to use them to beautify and strengthen the city. Hare then reached out to Conley to get an artistic sense of what to make while keeping the colors of the caps intact.

Conley stated they didn’t want to make something hokey or overwhelming but wanted to build something that unified the community. Laughing she said, “Who can’t get behind animal imagery.” The bulldog mural hangs on the side of the Chamber of Commerce building at the intersection of Box Butte and E 3rd street.

With Hare spending a lot of time over the last few years cleaning the caps and getting them ready, the two organizations set out for help from the community.

“It’s like a paint by numbers but with caps,” explained Conley who detailed how the community got involved. People from all around town including girl scouts, assisted living patrons, families and kids worked to put the mural together.

Hare explains they brought the mural to the concert series with kids coming by to either place one cap on it or sit down for hours and place multiple caps down.

It’s the first mural the organizations worked on for the city, but Conley hopes a second one will go up soon.

“The Knight Museum commissioned us to do a cow for them,” explained Conley.

The two are excited to see the mural complete and hanging up but can’t thank the community enough for their help.

“It’s just a piece done by us; for the community by the community,” said Conley. Hare added, “A lot of people are going to drive by it and think, ‘I helped with that.’”

Each bottle cap was glued then stapled to keep it in place, but Conley is unsure how long it will last with it being out in the weather elements. With that being said, the installation made it easy for them to replace it if needed. But right now, the two continue to look at the finished product inn amazement and awe while taking in the beauty of the city.