A fun way to explore the state of Wyoming

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GOSHEN COUNTY, Wyo. To promote tourism in the state of Wyoming, the Goshen County Lodging Tax Board is funding a Wyoming Sticker Program.

There are 25 stickers to collect all across the state but locally, you can collect them from Fort Laramie, Go Goshen Visitor’s Center and the Homesteaders Museum.

With the state of Wyoming being the first state in the nation to allow woman to vote, there is a Woman’s Suffrage sticker available for pickup.

“It helps to bring people into our community that might not have stopped which is perfect for us,” said Sandy Hoehn, Community Development Director for Goshen County Economic Development Corporation. “We are more of a passenger and we are trying to capture that overnight audience.”

With Wyoming tourist sector being number two in the state, the sticker program not only boosts their tourism district but their local economy.

“The people who come into your community are stopping and spending money in the community which is boosting your local economy and that’s what we want to see,” explained Hoehn. “We want them to stop, take a look around and maybe spend the night.”

For the Homesteaders Museum, a Goshen County Museum within a 1925 Union Pacific Train Depot, the stickers program allows them to receive more visitors.

Their current exhibit is focused on women within the family and their roles. They received the exhibit from the American Heritage Center in Laramie. The exhibit will be there until the end of February.

“It allows our small community to jump on a much larger tourism marketing plan that the state is behind,” said Sarah Chaires, Museum Director for Homesteaders Museum. “Our little corner of the state is frequently overlooked and we are happy we are finally on the map.”

Goshen County and the Homesteaders Museum believes it’s a good program to keep the 18 to 24 age group interested.

“We definitely see a lot of more of the older crowd stopping in and we want to find a way to reach the younger crowds,” explained Chaires. “I think social media is going to play a big role in that.”

Goshen County has a goal of giving away 5,000 stickers over a two year span.

If you are interested, you can pick up a map at any of the locations.