A sharing tree for veterans to receive Christmas gifts

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. Veterans have risked their lives everyday serving our country so now it’s time to give back. At Monument Mall, a Sharing Tree is displayed for residents to help purchase gifts for veterans at the Western Nebraska Veterans Home.

The tree is full of potential gifts that the veterans would love for Christmas. It’s as easy as picking an ornament off a tree.

“They request different things and people from the community can buy one or both gifts,” said Robin Thomson, Admin Assistant. “We make sure that they get the second thing that they ask for so they get what they ask for.”

Around 101 veterans are getting the chance to receive things that they wanted including postal stamps, clothing, candy and gift cards. Anyone can get involved with this cause from a child up to an older adult. For Thomson, she says we should always thank the men and women who served our country.

“We want to thank them for their service for our country and we do appreciate what they have done,” explained Thomson.

Not only will it show each of the veterans that you care but that you took the time to put them first for Christmas.

With the gift that is purchased or making a monetary donation, they can both be done at the E & H CPA’s company offices located on 2021 Broadway in Scottsbluff. They are taking them until Thursday, December 13th.