Ag experts discuss new ideas at Producers Conference

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GERING, Neb. Commodity experts and Ag economists came to the Panhandle today to discuss with producers and farmers about the improvements that need to be made from year 2017 to provide for a better outcome in 2018.

David Briggs, CEO at WestCo, said that they will be adding a new leg at Gering South Facility to increase their receiving capacity and building speed and space to increase the holding capacity of beans in Alliance by one third.

Briggs said that farmers and producers should take advantage of the prepaid programs that are available and get involved with the bean contract membership that is being offered.

“It’s my advice that at $21 bean market is actually probably the strongest number it is going to be all spring long so I would encourage producers if they need to sell beans for cash, I would sell them sooner than later because I don’t think there’s much upside to that market,” explained Briggs.

Jon Sperl, Manager for West Plains Co, said that you shouldn’t take a risk when offered a decent price for your product.

“You should always know your costs production,” explained Sperl. “You have to minimize your risk and take advantage of opportunities when they are there and not hesitate. That’s the hardest part because if you don’t know that cost production, you are not willing to pull the trigger when you can lock in black numbers. That’s the down side so just be willing to pull the trigger when opportunities are there.”

The 2018 contacts for the Great Northern beans, pinto beans and yellow peas will be available today through Friday, January 19th.