Thawing pipes with a blowtorch sparks fire, displaces Kimball family

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KIMBALL, Neb. A fire at the 300 Block of S Burg St. in Kimball displaces two adults Thursday afternoon.

According to Kimball Volunteer Fire Chief Rick Wynne, they received the call around 1:00pm.

The fire was caused accidentally by a homeowner attempting to thaw out their pipes with a propane torch.

The only injury reported is from a firefighter who has an injured shoulder.

The house is deemed as a total loss of property and the homeowner’s belongings.

Firefighter Ministries Carissa Smith tells NBC Nebraska that the homeowners have a place to stay.

They assisted with food and clothing vouchers.

This is the sixth fire that the Firefighter Ministries have responded to this year.

To assist the family, there is a fund page you can contribute to. It is located on

There is also an account set up at Firstier Bank to help with donations.