Activists take to the streets of Alliance to protest pipeline project

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ALLIANCE,Neb (KNEP) For weeks now, protesters in North Dakota have been trying to stop the Dakota access pipeline that would run from the Baaken oil fields to south-central Illinois. Now, those protests have spilled over to the cobblestone streets of downtown Alliance. .

“We are not protestors. We are protectors,” said demonstrator Sierra Redbear.

“We don’t want this pipe line to cross through our lands. So please we need everyone to support us, stand with us, and fight this black snake that`s coming through our lands,” said activist, Reno Whirlwind Horse.

Opponents of the project want the government and citizens to realize that this issue hits home no matter where you live.

"It`s bigger than just the pipeline because they are digging up places that are sacred land like burials that are sacred to Native Americans,” said demonstrator Mercedies Reza.

“It`s very sacred to us. We use it in a lot of things. We use it in powwows and most importantly everybody needs water,” said Whirlwind Horse.

This demonstration is a part of not only along the Great Plains but a national movement to unite with Native American tribes across the country.

“For us a small town like this to be able to open up and get our name out there and know we stand beside them and behind them in everything that they`re doing, it`s important,” said resident Melody Gahona.

“I think it`s a very good way to show the people that it`s not just for us, it`s for the children too,” said Redbear.

Several activist participating in Thursday afternoon`s protest plan to take to the courthouse in North Dakota on Friday to be front and center when the decision on the pipeline is announced. Demonstrators say they will continue to advocate for stopping the pipeline in an effort to preserve Native American burial grounds and other cultural sites along the project path.