Adrian Smith gives producers an update on the ag industry

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ALLIANCE, Neb. - (KNEP) - Third District Congressman Adrian Smith made a stop in Alliance Tuesday as part of his Ag Update Tour.

Third District Congressman Adrian Smith makes a stop in Alliance to discuss updates on trade talks (Source KNEP)

During the meeting, he sat down with various producers to give updates on the ongoing foreign trade situation as well as his support for year round E-15.

Smith detailed he believes they have the votes to pass the United States Mexico Canada (USMCA) trade deal. He spoke in length on how it is a step in the right direction and has bi-partisan support. Overall though, he believes getting more access to more markets will ultimately grow the economy.

He believes China is cheating and taking intellectual property and stated the President is addressing it. Smith doesn’t personally like tariffs and believes they are taxes but understands something needs to be done.

Smith also mentioned the European Union is looking to make a trade deal with the U.S. but wants to exclude agricultural goods. He believes by creating an agreement with the UK, who is still working on a plan to leave the EU, which could ultimately help put a better deal together with the EU.

Smith spoke briefly on E-15 sales stating he has been working on the issue for years. He is also working on the transport of livestock and service hours. Smith believes there needs to be flexibility in the number of hours on the road but doesn’t want to have cattle on the side of the road not getting proper nutrition and attention.

He opened the floor to the public who referenced the domino effect the trade disputes are having on various commodity prices. One individual asked if federal dollars will go towards those affected by the tunnel collapse. To which Smith stated they are not ready to formulate their full request but are working with the Bureau of Reclamation.

Smith is set to be in York and Auburn before going to the State Fair this week.