Aiming to increase local college enrollment with high school tours

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. Western Nebraska Community College hosted an open house for local juniors and seniors to explore affordable colleges across the region.

About 100 students came to WNCC to take a tour around the campus, learn more about programs of study, explored early college opportunities, received knowledge about student life, discussed financial aid and scholarships and got their own free lunch.

The enrollment numbers are steady at the college and they hope the juniors and seniors are interested in attending in the future.

“We’ve been holding our own and it’s the same way across the country at four year and two year schools,” explained Gretchen Foster, Admissions Director. “We are holding steady and I’m glad about that.”

Foster says she would love to see all of the students come to WNCC but says you should first explore all of the opportunities that are given to you.

“I would love for everybody to come to WNCC but WNCC isn’t for everybody,” said Foster. “They should explore all their different college options as carefully as they explore ours.”

Many students receive their knowledge of college online but Foster says it is always better to take a first-hand tour.

“It’s important that they visit the college,” said Foster. “If that’s where they are going to spend their money and pay for their education, they need to make sure they have investigated as much as they can.”

For students who are worried about paying for school, Foster says they have options covered.

“Don’t rule out a college because of the cost,” said Foster. “Come and talk to us first.”

If you couldn’t attend the tour but would like to, you can set it up by contacting the Admission’s Office at

The tour will consist of an admission’s counselor, one on one with financial aid associates, a faculty member with your interested field of study, a career advisement, a tour of the campus and a lunch provided.

For students interested in performing arts, they can even schedule you an audition.