Alliance Fire Crews Battle Early Morning Blaze for 12 Hours.

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ALLIANCE, Neb. - (KNEP) - Alliance Fire Department battled an early morning blaze well into the afternoon on Friday with the affected building a total loss.

According to Alliance Fire Chief Troy Shoemaker, they received a call at 1:14 a.m. this morning for a reported fire near the Alliance Airport Complex.

The fire was inside the Vitalix building and began in the north part of the building before engulfing the west and south portions as well. Chief Shoemaker stated when they arrived on scene the north portion of the building was already on the ground.

Alliance Fire received help battling the blaze from Hemingford Volunteer Fire and Heart of the Hills Rural Fire Department. The problem with battling the fire came from the lack of a dedicated water source. The fire department shuttled water in from multiple sources close to town including Parker Hannifin and Western Potato.

Another problem the fire crews faced with the fire was the significant size of the building and the items inside. The building manufactures agriculture equipment and housed molasses and propane tanks. There were multiple explosions due to both of the flammable items.

The department states they didn’t make an attempt to go inside and Chief Shoemaker said the fire was a defensive fire. He also states the building is a total loss and a State Fire Marshall was on scene to assess the damage.

The fire was finally put out just before 2 p.m.

An investigation into the cause is ongoing and the total amount of damage is not readily available but Chief Shoemaker says it’s in the high millions.