An app for parents to track their child’s bus

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GERING, Neb. Gering Public Schools discussed a new GPS system that is used for parents to keep track of their children’s bus.

The GPS system app is called FirstView and it uses centralized data, track bus status in real-time, reduce incoming calls, customize parent alerts, secure data and built-in customer support.

The system also provides live tracking of your child’s bus, predictive stop arrival times, time or distance from stop alerts, customer and technical support, timestamp school arrivals and departures, caregiver alerts, messaging, secure registration and access by student ID.

The app is in English and Spanish.

The school district can view the number of routes associated with each school, number of students that attend the school, number of registered FirstView users following a bus at that school and administrator action gears for sending messages.

You can download the app in your app store.