Award recipients for Goshen County Chamber Awards

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GOSHEN COUNTY, Wyo. Goshen County celebrated their community by recognizing businesses and individuals through awards.

Goshen County looks for citizens that demonstrate excellence and community leadership through volunteerism, entrepreneurship, work ethic and business.

Big Chief Award: This award recognizes an individual who exemplifies community leadership through business and community service. Dennis Estes with the City of Torrington was this year’s Big Chief recipient.

Big Land, Devoted Pioneers – Ag Business of the Year Award: As the number one Ag producing county in the state, this award is for the people who either do or assist those dedicated to making a sustainable life in agriculture. Torrington Livestock Markets LLC was this year’s Ag Business of the Year.

Big Land, Limitless Pioneering - Business of the Year Award: This award recognizes any business that has shown limitless growth and community support throughout the year. Pinnacle Bank received this award as they celebrated 101 years in Goshen County.

Big Land, Open Skies - Star Employee of the Year Award: This award recognizes an outstanding employee who is productive, exhibits commitment in carrying out job responsibilities, whose work reflects a frontier spirit and is ever growing. Sarah Chaires, from the City of Torrington Homesteaders Museum is the Star Employee of the Year.

Big Land, Open Heart - Volunteer of the Year Award: This award recognizes those outstanding volunteers who are making a difference with their open heart, dedicated to Goshen County or has made a significant difference in our community. Annette Nehl from Fort Laramie, WY is always lending a hand any way she can. Annette is this year’s Volunteer of the Year.

Big Land, Open Opportunity – Entrepreneur of the Year Award: This award recognizes those innovated and dedicated business entrepreneur(s) or product creator(s) that utilize the open opportunity of Goshen County. Jim and Jody McKenzie of Cowboy Up Coffee/Café received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award!

Neil Newman Horizon Award: This award is for those who see a vision beyond the horizon. This year’s award goes to Bob Dietzler of Wyoming Connect Railroad Industrial Park, located in Yoder.