Banner County school teacher discusses measure intent on teacher safety

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HARRISBURG, Neb. - (KNEP) - A Banner County School District teacher is one of fifty-five association president’s to co-sign LB-147.

The bill is now being discussed in the state legislature and if passed would give teachers the right to physically intervene if a student was harming themselves, another student or a teacher.

Nancy Olsen, who is a math teacher within Banner County Schools, details a situation occurred a few years ago in which a teacher was physically assaulted. Olsen states that is why she is supporting this bill. The teacher in the situation wasn’t hurt to the point she needed to go to the hospital, but was concerned of what would happen next.

Olsen details the teacher wasn’t sure if she should sue or would get sued and if there would be charges. This bill would clear up a lot of those unknowns and give teachers a guidance as to what they can do. Olsen details she thinks this bill will give teacher the knowledge to properly restrain a child properly without losing their job or seeing a civil suit.

She detailed the bill would also give parents the right to know what happened right away and get the student out of class. That way other students can feel safe and get back to their studies and the individual involved can get the help they need to return to class themselves.

The Banner County School District currently doesn’t have a School Resource Officer and they rely on their teachers and staff to provide a safe environment for their students. Olsen believes the state as a whole needs to start thinking about the safety of the teachers which she feels will happen if the LB-147 is passed.

As president of the Banner County Association, Olsen hears concerns from elementary and high school teachers about some of these issues and she feels the bill will equip them with the proper knowledge.

It’s unknown at this time if the bill will be passed but Olsen states if it doesn’t she knows NSEA will continue to pursue it.