Bayard Officer goes to hospital after alleged assault

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BAYARD, Neb. - (KNEP) - A Bayard Police officer is recovering after allegedly being assaulted by a Rushville man who is now facing charges.

Colby Bowers is accused of assaulting an officer on November 2nd (Source Morrill County Jail)

According to the affidavit, an officer was called to the 600 block of E 5th street in Bayard November 2nd for a report of a fight between two males. Upon arriving, the officer located the two walking away. The officer caught up to the older gentleman who at first refused to talk to the officer.

While the officer was trying to place handcuffs on that individual Colby Bowers began interfering and allegedly pushed the officer aside. Shortly after another altercation ensued in which Bowers allegedly connecting a punch to the face of the officer that resulted in broken glasses and a cut on his lower lip.

Court documents further state, the officer then got his taser out and tried to connect with Bowers. Once of the ground, the officer continued to try to handcuff Bowers who repeated tried to throw more punches. A dry stun gun was used as well which seemed to have little effect on Bowers. At one point, Bowers allegedly bit the officer’s hand to free the stun gun and throw it away.

Backup officers later arrived on scene and arrested the older male but Bowers continued to resist. He tried to throw a few more punches at the officer who was able to eventually pin him down and place handcuffs on Bowers. It is alleged Bowers later made threats to the officer before being placed in a patrol car.

Bowers originally was charged with four separate counts but Morrill County Court has since dismissed three of them and are now charging him with a felony for assaulting an officer. He is facing a $30,000 bond.
The officer was treated for multiple bite injuries, cuts and scrapes along with facial and knee injuries at Morrill County Hospital immediately after the altercation.