Bayard Schools and community rally behind one of their own

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BAYARD, Neb. - (KNEP) - Bayard community and school system rallies around one of their own who is battling breast cancer.

Joy Rafferty has taught at Bayard Elementary for 20 years but this past July she was diagnosed with breast cancer (Source: KNEP)

Joy Rafferty has been teaching at Bayard Elementary for the last 20 years and she has enjoyed teaching so many. But on July 25th, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She calls the disease naughty and stupid and is trying to remain positive.

Rafferty’s co-teacher Shawna Reish, who’s two aunts and a cousin battled breast cancer, wanted to help. She looked online and found pink socks. She sent all the kids home last Thursday with a pair and a letter and the following day they surprised Rafferty by wearing them at school. Others were able to donate to the fund and receive a pair. As of right now, Reish does not have any more socks.

Reish knows the battle can be expensive and this is not the first time the community has come together to help Rafferty. Her house was taken by the historic 2017 Bayard tornado.

The school cheerleaders are also selling t-shirts. To purchase one just contact the school and ask for the cheerleader sponsor.

As for Rafferty, she is championing a motto of faith over fear. She stated they had the school nurse come in and talk to the students and explain what was going on. Rafferty believes if you stay positive mentally it will help you physically.

She does not have any family history of cancer and still believes it’s just a word. Her chemo was supposed to start on October 25th but due to some complications with her port the date may be moved.

Rafferty will continue to teach as long as she can but staff have assured her to get healthy and don’t worry because they will take care of everything and be there when she comes back.

To make any type of monetary contribution you can contact the Bayard Elementary School at 308-586-1211 and ask for Shawna.