Ben Mikaelsen Coming to Scottsbluff

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb (KNEP) The Bridgeport Elementary students, grades 4 through 5, received a visit from award winning children’s author, Ben Mikaelsen.

Author Ben Mikaelsen speaking in Scottsbluff Thursday. (source KNEP)

Ben’s novels have inspired many to take on their dreams and pursue life head on. The students have been reading Mikaelsens book, “Touching Spirit Bear”, however the well-known author didn’t come to talk about the book or past novels, but rather he spent his visit story-telling; A unique talent he has, inspiring children to take their education to new heights as he discusses hardship in a comedic and educational way.

The writer is known for his adventurous, risk-taking novels, but one reason why his readers are drawn to him is the companionship he shared for 27 years with a 750 pound North American Black Bear he adopted, Buffy.

Ben and Buffy may be entirely different head to toe, one thing they have in common? They both saved one another from life’s hardships. Buffy was being used as research for science before Mikaelsen took him in as his own. During that time, the author was dealing with his differences after moving from South America where he didn’t receive education until the age of 9, then moving to the United States to attend the seventh grade. He struggled in all speaking and writing classes, but when he found Buffy, the rescued bear cub was all he could write about.

Ben hopes his books speaks to his readers in life changing ways, but the most change is the change of heart when you hear how Buffy saved Ben. You can catch Ben this Thursday at the Scottsbluff High School at 6:30pm. The event is free and open to the public.