Bidder officially chosen for Gering Downtown project

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GERING, Neb. The City of Gering’s Downtown Civic Plaza project received two bids and the Gering City Council officially chose one.

With the two bidders, Anderson Shaw was the lowest bid at $956,937.02. The bid was significantly higher than the engineer’s estimate of $731,822.00.

To help lower the cost, the staff adjusted the lighting plan. With the adjustment, it deducted $32,500 from the total making it $924,437.02.

Staff says they will be working throughout the project with the contractor to determine any other areas where they can reduce costs without negatively impacting the end product.

The final vote was 6-2 with council approving Anderson Shaw.

Staff also recommended that the City revisit discussions on the new bathroom facilities in Legion Park. They believe it is not necessary to install two brand new restroom facilities one block apart.