Bike repair stations now available in Twin Cities

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TWIN CITIES, Neb. You learn how to ride a bike before you drive a car.

There are four bike stations scattered across Scottsbluff and Gering. You can remove and pump up a flat tire, adjust your brakes and tighten accessories. (Brian Sherrod, KNEP)

When your bike has a flat tire or the chain comes off, what do you do next?

To help that problem, four new bike repair stations have been added across the community of Scottsbluff and Gering.

You can find them at the southeast corner of the Scottsbluff Family YMCA, north side campus along the U Street pathway at Summit Christian College, Sonny’s Bike Shop on East Overland and the north side of 27th Street at Western Nebraska Community College.

“This is a perfect place for the bike station because it is at the beginning of the Monument Valley Pathway,” explained Conrad Bostrom, CEO for Scottsbluff Family YMCA. “People can come and use the restroom if we are open. If not, they can get their bike fixed and be on their way.”

At each bike station, you can find;
Tire levers used for removing the tire from the rim to change and repair a flat inner tube
Folding hex wrenches to adjust handlebars, stems, saddles and axles
Headset and pedal wrench for adjusting a threated headset, tighten and remove pedals from the crank arm
Cone wrenches for brake adjustments and minor shifting adjustments
T25 Torx wrench to tighten disc brake rotor bolts, tighten handlebar stem and adjust stem and seat clamps
Phillips head screwdriver to tighten bike accessory mounts, adjust
the resistance arm on V-brakes and adjust the high and
low range of a derailleur
Flat head screwdriver to tighten bike accessory mounts
Tire pump with gauge for inflating tires to proper pressure
and a QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone to link for instructions on minor bike repairs

“One of the huge reasons people don’t ride their bikes is flat tires,” said Katie Bradshaw, Member of the Tri-City Active Living Advisory Committee. “If you don’t have a bicycle pump, maybe you can go to a gas station and use their pump to fill up the tire. That’s maybe not always convenient.”

The bicycle repair station project was supported by the Tri-City Active Living Advisory Committee (via Panhandle Public Health District), the Western Nebraska Bicycling Club, and Bike Walk Nebraska.

It was paid for with grants and contributions from Gering Keno Funds, Oregon Trail Community Foundation, Western Nebraska Community College, Sonny's Bike Shop, and Western Nebraska Bicycling Club.