Bonnie the Bobcat turns 1!

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (KNEP) The riverside discovery center is honoring a very special resident today...With an unusual birthday cake.

Bonnie the bobcat is being trained to be an educational animal at the zoo. Bon Bon as the zoo keepers call her, turned one this week. “We’ve had Bonnie since she was about 5 months old,” said RDC zookeeper Harley Yurden, “she is still a bit rough on toys.”

For her birthday Bon Bon got to participate in some extra enrichment. “Essentially, enrichment is something that keeps the animals more engaged in their environment so they don’t get bored in a zoo setting.”

Enrichment is part of every animal’s day at the zoo, but Facebook users get to choose the enrichment activities on Mondays. 259 people voted for either treats with meat inside, a tuna cake, or a bone. The majority, 124 people, chose the cake.

Zookeepers say Bon Bon’s favorite activity is eating, so they made a special tuna cake just for her!
Bon Bon’s birthday cake included 2 cans of tuna, a fish candle, and blood drizzle for icing.