Box Butte County Defender waives portion of preliminary hearing

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SCOTTS BLUFF COUNTY, Neb. - (KNEP) - A Box Butte County Public Defender’s defense waives a portion of the preliminary hearing stemming from drug charges.

Jon Worthman

In court Friday, Jon Worthman waived the right to a speedy portion of a preliminary hearing but they are still undecided on waiving the hearing entirely.

During the hearing a motion was accepted to modify the bond to allow Worthman to leave the state of Nebraska for medical purposes. A previous motion by the defense regarding Worthman’s phone records is getting discussed between his attorney and the state. The state believes they will come to an agreement on a third party judge looking at the records and facilitating what can and cannot be seen by the state.

Worthman’s attorney also asked Judge Roland in court Friday to return evidence to him. The Cheyenne County judge agreed to the release of keys to Worthman’s home, office and vehicle as well as a pair of prescription sunglasses and a check book. The judge however denied the release of Worthman’s truck to him.

Worthman is facing a minimum of three years in prison and a max of 50 if found convicted on possession with the intent to deliver. His next court appearance is scheduled for February 21st.