Box Butte General offers tips to exercise your emotional well-being

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ALLIANCE, Neb. - (KNEP) - Box Butte General Hospital is providing mental health tips to ensure you stay well while social distancing yourself from others.

The hospital details it’s important to stay mentally well and are providing tips for your emotional and physical health.

They advise you take care of yourself by meditating for ten minutes a day, go for a walk, keep a food journal and plan for ways to eat healthier while getting between 7-9 hours of sleep.

The hospital also suggests checking in on others. Use technology to connect with loved ones, family members, or a friend. You can also take the time to write a letter as well.

When using video chat apps to connect and engage with others be mindful of screen time and social media usage. Be sure to take a look at positive messages and revisit happy memories. You can create an online photo album to share or you can use websites to learn a new hobby.

The hospital also details you can take time to relax and enjoy the comfort of your family. You can always read a book you have been meaning to read or gather the family for a movie night.

Box Butte General is also postponing elective surgeries and non-essential procedures for two weeks. Visitor and patient screening will remain the first step in accessing services at the hospital. Unless there is a medical emergency, if visiting on continuous days, the screening applies each day.