Boy, 5, helps little sister escape Ga. house fire, alerts rest of sleeping family

BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. (WSB/WGCL/CNN) - A 5-year-old boy from Georgia is being called a hero for his actions during a house fire that helped seven members of his extended family escape the flames.

Noah Woods, 5, was named an honorary firefighter and presented with a lifesaving award for helping seven members of his extended family escape a fire at their Kingston, Georgia, home. (Source: WSB/Cox/CNN)

Noah Woods, 5, woke up to find his bedroom in flames last Sunday morning in Kingston, Georgia. The only escape was through a window, according to the Bartow County Fire Department.

The little boy woke his 2-year-old sister Lilly, who shares the room, and they both made their way out the window. Noah also got his dog out of the house.

"I was in my bed. I don’t know where the flames came from,” the boy said. "I picked Lilly up, got to the window with Lilly, got the dog and got out. I got myself out.”

Noah then ran up the stairs next door to wake his uncle and alert the rest of the sleeping family. Seven members of the family were home at the time.

“If it wasn’t for Noah, then we wouldn’t... We was all asleep, so we wouldn’t have known what was going on. We could have all lost our lives,” said Noah’s grandfather, David Woods.

Fire Chief Dwayne Jamison says it was an escape that never would have happened without Noah.

“His quick and brave actions saved the entire family,” Jamison said.

To honor Noah’s heroism, the fire department named him an honorary firefighter Friday and presented him with a lifesaving award. Bartow County Commissioner Steve Taylor also proclaimed the day Noah Woods Day.

The extended family of nine didn’t have insurance, but the community is helping them pull together clothing. A GoFundMe has also been set up to help. It has raised more than $26,000.

David Woods is a contractor and hopes to rebuild and get the family back in soon. He considers this time together a blessing.

“Nobody got hurt. We got smoked up a little bit, but we’re all still alive,” he said.

The fire department confirmed the fire began as an electrical fire from an outlet in the children’s room.

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