Bringing the community together one paint brush at a time

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CHADRON, Neb. - (KNEP) - The Chadron community is working together to beautify the area and paint murals on various buildings.

The community of Chadron is working together to paint murals on the sides of buildings (Source Chadron Chamber of Commerce)

The Chadron Chamber of Commerce began brainstorming the idea back in January but, it took them six months to get everything figured out. Gabrielle Michna stated this is all funded by the community and the first business to approach them offered wall space and a monetary donation for supplies.

Michna details this project is focused on bringing the community together and their initial efforts were to showcase and celebrate the history of the community. They also have an art alley committee, who is talking to the various businesses that have an idea, for their outside wall. That committee is also getting in touch with artists in the area to make this vision a reality. Michna said they are even working with local teachers at Chadron State College to pull in artists from their art guild.

During their first attempt, they tried to project the image on the wall and have a paint by numbers mentality. This would mean anyone and everyone no matter their artistic ability could help out. Unfortunately, Michna said the projector idea didn’t work. With the help of various local artists including herself, Michna and the community has placed four separate murals so far.

She added they didn’t see it catching on as it did. Michna thought it would be a slow build-up of momentum, but they have about 13-25 businesses who have approached them. Right now, the amount of projects they have set up will keep them busy for the next two years.

They want to keep each mural educational and interactive but are allowing the artists and businesses to add their own flare to the design. Michna believes across the country public art is growing and it helps create culture. She added they are hoping this will attract new visitors and give people the option to experience the downtown area.