Brother and sister arrested in Scottsbluff, two victims hospitalized in Goshen county.

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GOSHEN COUNTY, Wyo. (KNEP) Two people are recovering after a brutal stabbing outside of a Goshen County bar. A collaboration between Goshen County Police and the Scottsbluff Police Department led to the arrest of brother and sister Amy and Adam Palomo in relation to the incident.

Goshen County Police responded to a call that a stabbing had occurred at a bar on Main street around 1:13am on December 6th.

One male and one female victim were on the scene. The female had lacerations on her arm and leg, and the male had a stab wound to the gut.

They were transported to the hospital after the female victim told police that she had been stabbed by Amy Palomo. She also stated that she knew Amy Palomo, and that the male victim had dated one of Palomo's relatives.

Witnesses stated that Amy's brother Adam had stabbed the male victim, thought they did not know his name at the time.

During a search of the alley outside of the bar where the incident reportedly occured, police discovered a nylon knife holster which was made to contain three throwing knives. Two of the knives were missing.

They also found a hair tie commonly known as a "scrunchee" with brown hairs attached to it, and a small pool of blood on the ground.

The police then questioned the male and female after they had received treatment for their injuries.

The male victim stated that he had been stabbed when he tried to intervene between the two women's struggle.

The police showed him a group of photos containing a photo of Adam Palomo and other people matching his description.

According to police reports, the male victim pointed out Adam Palomo's photo right away as the person who had stabbed him.

The female victim reiterated that it had been Amy Palomo who stabbed her. And that Palomo had said, "I knew I would find you someday"

Goshen county police identified the vehicle belonging to the Palomos, and notified Scottsbluff police that the address associated with the license plate was in Scottsbluff.

Scottsbluff police arrived at the house on December 6th and identified the vehicle described. They found a knife in the backseat of the car, and later arrested Amy Palomo, Adam Palomo, and Amy's fiancee who was not named in our reports.

No bond has been set at this time.