McDaid elementary students first day back

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - For the most part it was all smiles today as students and parents took photos on the first day of school at McDaid Elementary.

As parents sent their children through the door, one local dad says his daughter immediately took to her first day. (Source: Erika Siebring, KNOPTV)

Tuesday is the first official day of school for elementary students and for the sophomores, juniors and seniors. Freshman reported yesterday to get special instruction and study skills to make them successful in high school. As parents sent their children through the door, Tanner Struckman says his daughter, Skyler immediately took to her first day of kindergarten.

"She actually ran off before I could even give her a hug or anything," Struckman said. "So she was so excited."

The kindergarden parents at the catholic school were also able to bond with parents after their little ones started their first year. Public Relations Director Gwen Covey hosted the inaugural Boohoo, Yahoo Breakfast to make the first day of school easier for the parents.

After dropping their kids off parents helped themselves to coffee and doughnuts. Tissues and kazoos lay on every table to suit however they were feeling. Struckman said while he was fine letting his little girl go, his wife, Krista, would probably end up crying.

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